Ying's Animal Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary (facility where animals are brought to be protected for the rest of their lives) in the movie, Khumba.


Khumba the zebra, Mama V the wildebeest, and Bradley the ostrich came to Ying's hoping it might by the magical waters across three mountain peaks that might gain Khumba the other half of his stripes. Khumba went into the watering hole when a mother meerkat asked him kindly to get out of their drinking water. The rest of the Meerkat Family came out including father, and two children meerkats then came out. A crazed Riverine Rabbit with a thick Scottish accent came out befriending all of them. They tell him about their voyage. The rabbit has a blue and white tag in his ear and explains that he is an endangered species. He then rips it out pridefully. Khumba wants to go while Mama V is getting a back massage from a bat-eared fox. As a cart comes driving down a trail he jumps on the windshield and screams "Eat My Carrots!" He directs them to The Black Eagle for more help.

He was there with the zebras, antelopes, and new friends to see Phango die and Khumba live.

Back at the Zebra Clan, he is playing with a ball made of twigs with the other zebras and accidentally gets knocked out. He wakes up okay though.


  • Meerkat Family
  • Riverine Rabbit (formerly)
  • Bat-Eared Fox
  • Pangolin
  • Duiker